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General Office Security

Property security services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Should you notice solicitors or other suspicious activities, please contact Security at (404) 654-1285. A security officer will be dispatched immediately.

Unauthorized Persons

  • If an unwelcome person comes into your office and you feel threatened, please contact Security at (404) 654-1285 and use the code phrase "your package is ready". Please remember to identify your office and suite number. Security will immediately dispatch an officer to your suite.
  • The Security Emergency (Red Phone) telephone number is (404) 688-3066, only to be used in the case of a real emergency.

Security Checklist

Good security starts with each individual tenant. Follow the simple procedures below to help protect your tenant space and the property as a whole.

  • Notify your Assistant Property Manager if there are any changes with building access cards.
  • Restrict office keys to those that actually need them, and keep a list of keys distributed. Establish adequate procedures for collecting keys from departing employees.
  • Restrict duplication of keys except for those specifically ordered, in writing, through the Management Office.
  • Lock filing cabinets each night and keep an accounting record of keys.
  • Record all office equipment serial numbers (i.e., computers, calculators, audiovisual equipment, etc.) to maintain correct identification in case of theft or fire.
  • Immediately deposit incoming checks and cash. Do not keep large sums of money in the office overnight. Clear desktop of important working material that should be safeguarded when you leave work.
  • Monitor the reception area at all times.
  • Secure doors when there is no one to monitor and or staff the receptionist area so that no unwanted visitors can enter your suite.
  • Keep handbags, cell phones, laptop computers, valuables, etc. in drawers or cabinets that can be secured and locked.
  • Promptly report solicitors or any suspicious persons.
  • Question any unknown person in your suite by asking "May I help you?"
  • Assign one person to insure that entrance doors to your space are secured at the end of each working day.
  • Provide your Assistant Property Manager with a current detailed list of all staff with building access cards, updating regularly as changes to staff are made.
  • Provide the Assistant Property Manager with "Emergency After Hours Contacts" and update any time changes to your emergency contacts are made.
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