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Waste Removal

Office waste is removed from designated waste receptacles by the janitorial staff Monday through Friday evenings.

All trash not placed in waste receptacles should be labeled trash. Orange trash label stickers can be obtained from the Management Office. Any questionable items will not be thrown away. Corridors must be kept neat and orderly. Please refrain from storing or placing any boxes, newspapers or other storage trash in building corridors, phone closets, electrical closets, stairwells, elevator lobbies and other common areas including paths of emergency exits. Property Management and City of Atlanta inspectors do monitor these areas and if any storage is found applicable fees are subject to be assessed. If these items need to be removed prior to arrival of the janitorial staff in the evening, contact your Assistant Property Manager.

Our compactor limits disposable waste to normal office trash (papers, files, boxes, food waste, etc.).Discarded furniture and outdated office equipment cannot be placed in the compactor. Please make arrangements with your office supply or office equipment vendor to remove these items at the time new equipment is delivered. If such items are discovered in lobbies, loading docks or other areas of the building, tenants to whom items belong will be responsible for any charges incurred by property management for disposal and removal fees.

Toner cartridges, paint and other related items cannot be disposed of via our normal waste removal process. Please call your Assistant Property Manager if assistance is needed in removal of such items. During moving activity, your moving company is responsible for removing boxes, pallets or crates. A fee may be imposed if the Management Office is forced to pay for removal of any of the above items.